Murari Caran Pushpanjali Farm Tulips

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At the helm of KindPetals.com is Murari Caran, a founder passionate about the plant world and the benefits of plants on our lives. Murari is not just passionate about gardening; he is also an expert in botany and a fervent advocate of sustainable gardening practices. With years of experience in the field of plants and gardening, Murari created KindPetals.com to share his knowledge and love for nature.

Murari divides his time between managing KindPetals.com, his role as a gardening consultant, and his volunteer commitment at the Pushpanjali flower farm in Vancouver, British Columbia. For several years, he has devoted part of his time to this farm, where he enriches his knowledge of plants while sharing his expertise with the community. This experience allows him to stay connected to the earth and to integrate eco-friendly gardening practices into his advice on KindPetals.com.

On KindPetals.com, Murari and his team offer detailed articles, practical guides, and personalized advice to help you succeed in all your gardening projects, from the simplest to the most ambitious. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, you will find valuable resources here to enrich your practice and your connection with the plant world.

Join our community at KindPetals.com and discover how plants can transform your garden space, your health, and your well-being, all while benefiting from Murari’s unique expertise, enriched by his deep engagement with nature at the Pushpanjali flower farm in Vancouver.

Happy planting!

– Murari